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Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:44 pm by Captain Laze

Title of the topic InmGO6X
Partyparty Laze and the robots

Dragonica EU died. Much sadness, yes.
I said I would make a post to reboot at DragonSaga (US server), but... Now I can't find the thread with that German's patched version that worked on non-English systems... The normal one is a pain for us; won't complete the installation and takes an eternity telling us that. Well, maybe they removed it since they fixed their client? I don't know and have some problems finding out. Some might have heard that I'm locked away in a place with limited internet. I can't play games or anything on it... So I can't play before next year anyway. So there's that.
Not sure where to go with this thread, um... Scar managed to spark some life, but we're still pretty dead. If there's still a "we" lzm. I don't know about you guys, but I still have interest in this thing. Ofc I got back inspiration to play just when they closed. Still liking this forum too. I really miss this platform to spam mah sheit. Might lose interest in the game pretty fast, since I nerded most out of it already, but I still love drawing inspiration from it. Like this gif. Glorious. I should make a blog. I almost tried to, but I don't know where to start. fk tumblr. I could do it here. Then everyone can join in! Yaahay lzm. We had those things going, I thought it was nice.

Hey, let's make a list of the great things we got here:

  • Introductions. It was one of the biggest threads and it was interesting. Ofc people would need a reason to be here in the first place, though...
  • The music thread! It even worked. Good thread. I'm always interested in recommendations. Got a bunch of tracks to share too.
  • The Nintento threads! I'm still into console games and the business isn't dead either. We had that Mario Kart session, remember? Come on, that was pretty fun! With the new Super Smash Bros. coming up, perhaps we could...?
  • Minecraft threads. We tried lol so hard. We could play creative games together.
  • Guild video. It was horrible, but it was fun making it. I think I have gotten a little bit better at making videos, so a new shot at something like a video could be horse.
  • Speaking of videos. Dede's videos lol Come on, youtubestar, make a comeback.
    (Had to go look at our forum again at this point lol)
  • The vacation trip thread ahaha fk u majo thinking I was girl and then you said you thought I was siko so I guess you called him a girl and oh yes I was "obviously a guy" yesss and akie called me handsome #lifeachievement
  • My shitty guides was cool posting, they are usually just in the form of derplong skype chats. I even think some outofguild people looked at them. daiumson
  • The screenshot thread went down the drain lol but it could be a thing. Staring halfassforumblogging, I think I'd use it more. Btw

Post your character and I'll try making a pixel two frame dance animation. We could make a huge party gif! (alala found that gif of Siko ahahaha yes we had some moments)

Guess what I'm asking is:
How interested are people in the guild/forum?
What would you be interested in doing or just reading?

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