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ZeHero v.2?

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ZeHero v.2? Empty ZeHero v.2?

Post by Captain Laze on Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:54 pm

Hoy, maties!

With Dragonica gone, the forum kinda lost its purpose. At least its original ...
I've tried hard finding other places on the internet to be, but I still feel at home at this very forum.
It's such a free platform (especially with myself as admin, huehue)

Clue is, I'm keeping it. Ready to support new adventures. To do so, it needs to be fresh and modern! Ait?!
So I went ahead and did that. I've revamped the layout of categories and subforums to be less focused on Dragonica and more open to whatever.
The deal is that the content you want should be easy to reach, but still keeping the page short. Trying to keep it short enough to do without any scroll bar.

General guild threads have been reduced to the two most important: One for headlines and one for chatter. The general subforum (Guild Page General) has subsubforums for more categorizing. I'm not sure if these even are needed, dood... For now I just placed them there to save them without taking much room.
I made a forum category called Computer Games. It's a box with one staple topic (general chat) and where I'll create own subforums for popular games. For now, it's just Dragonica... It's just the old forum in a pile, pretty much...
Same thing could happen to console games, but their popularity must be of certain size to deserve a subforum of their own. So I'll just keep it as Nintendo for now and, um, others. Maybe just a general console subforum. Mostly Nintendo, but so people can suggest other consoles. Idk yes *goes plippin' at them buttons like an admin*

So yea, the thing looks pretty bare, I know. The idea is a list with games... What do you think, elephant?
I'll revamp the Fish page later, any suggestions/ideas for that?


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