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Introduce us a game (PC)

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Introduce us a game (PC) Empty Introduce us a game (PC)

Post by Jooooker on Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:29 pm

Just as the title says, introduce us a PC game you like. Tell us about the game so that we know about it, we might get interested and might even want to play the game. All you have to do is make a review about the game you'd like to share with us. Put in a video with music from the game, try to pick one that fits the moment where people reads it (Optional) Though, I want you write it down in different sections.

Here are the sections I want to write it in (Feel free to add some more).

*What the game is about
*Story (If there are any)
*Your opinion about the game

Calm down, write everything in your mind you want to tell us before it disappears.

Note: This is not only meant for MMO games, other games can be put in here as well.

Anything strange about this post? Any questions? TELL ME! Introduce us a game (PC) 3614629120

Have fun! Introduce us a game (PC) 933704734

Introduce us a game (PC) Youraudience
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