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Twin Fighter Promotion Thread

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Twin Fighter Promotion Thread Empty Twin Fighter Promotion Thread

Post by Captain Laze on Tue May 29, 2012 11:51 pm

Twin Fighter Promotion Thread 83i1l
Twin Fighter Promotion Thread GLSKV
Born as twins, the two fight as one. The main Drakan physical force; the Fighters, attack with a flurry of punches and kicks. They are nimble warriors focusing on speed over all; using it for both attack and defence. These drakans can move and attack at incredible speeds, chaining together stunning combos with attacks performed by them both. Working together, they obtain one of the highest attack rates in the lands if Dragotaka and are often described as hyper-damage dealers.

Twin Fighter Promotion Thread JoiYm
The Twin Fighter is by far the most interesting class yet because of all the options and possibilities you have as a player. You will control two character at once, stringing their skills together to create combos. Do mind that plural "-s"! Cause there's really loads of different and unique combinations you can pull off with the 57 (!) available skills in the skills trees. This includes passive buffs which increases atk, crit rate, dodge etc and decrease cooldowns, passive attack altering skills which changes the nature of your X and Z attacks, active buffs for move speed, attack speed, aim and dodge, active defensive abilities to gracefully avoid your opponent's strikes, which can be used to escape or to rush and, lastly, we have the active offensive abilities for ripping apart, pummel into the ground, bash, smash, destroy and devastate.


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