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Recruitment Campaign Winter 2011

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Recruitment Campaign Winter 2011 Empty Recruitment Campaign Winter 2011

Post by Captain Laze on Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:40 pm

Greetings and welcomes!
It is now time for our...
Recruitment Campaign Winter 2011 Scaled.php?server=248&filename=reccam2011ver1

At last the season of test and exams have ended and the holidays are close.
Therefor will we, once again, go on a search for potential crew members.
As anybody who have participated in the past campaign would know, finding people,
the right people, is not an easy task. A plan is what we need!

Whom we seek

- Level:
  • By looking at the level and equipment, we can partly see whether
    a person is fit for the game itself, or not. We don't discriminate beginners, but we want devoted players.
    Players who have fought their way to 30-40 (at least) show that they will give an effort for the game.

- Activity:
  • We have not been too strict on this before, and I would like to keep it that way. However, if they are indeed unable to come online all that often, they must have some other mean of contact. Like MSN, Skype or this very forum. A character who have remained inactive for a long period of time, will be kicked out in order to make room for new members. If they ever return, they may rejoin.

- Personal:
  • Must speak fluent English and use it well to communicate with the guild. Be nice and open, in short; be able to socialize. As well as being ├╝ber-awesome; have some tastes and be interesting. Generally, people are cool if they say they are, or wish to become, space pirates.This often develops with age, so I would say we should keep it 15/16+. Children should not be allowed on teh interwebz.

... More coming soon
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