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Halloween update: Event and production!

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Halloween update: Event and production! Empty Halloween update: Event and production!

Post by Captain Laze on Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:26 am

Halloween update: Event and production! 1277501_0
Halloween is here, and Gpototo is celebrating with fancy décor,
event quests, pumpkins, lucky dips and awzm Halloween costumes!
And there's more; the production system is here!

The event:
Randy the friendly ghost is back, and he brings gifts! But evil ghosts have taken them away.
During the event, messages will pop up every now and then to inform you where the ghost have been spotted.
So rush there to find a big pumpkin in which the ghost have hidden!
They may appear in high-level maps, but all both the pumpkin and ghost are lv. 1 and doesn't attack.
Everybody got a chance to defeat it as well, as all damage is reduced to 1.
The ghost will drop quest items and lucky dips.
Lucky dips where you can obtain special treats which recovers HP and MP, and gives buffs like +10 hlt/int/agi;
and special, rare, Halloween items like ballons.

A bit about the production:
There's now an new NPC is POW called Max, who's handling everything related.
You can buy professions, skills, equipment and machines from him.
Logging, mining, mowing and fishing, are the jobs you can choose from after lv. 20.
Right behind Max is the farm, where you can put yourself to work.
You'll gain raw materials like weed, fish, crystals and ore.
These items aren't worth much by themselves, however
if you process them through a machine, they'll become the materials used for producing.
In the end, you can make items for adding stats and elements, moving soul crafts
and enchants, as well as powering up options
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